Too Many Chickens at the Stand Up

An important part of Agile projects are the daily stand up meetings or daily scrum where the team gets together to report three simple things: what they did yesterday, what they’re doing today and any impediments in their way. For my current project, only the team attends our daily meetings. They are my pigs—the committed team members. But for another Scrum Master here at work, he has a lot of chickens coming to his daily meetings. These chickens are interested people—only involved but not committed.

And by Scrum rules, only the pigs should be speaking at the daily scrum. The chickens are supposed to keep their yappers shut and simply listen.

The other team finds, though, that they can’t keep the chickens quiet. Two thumbs down to those chickens.

How would you handle these unruly fowl?

A discussion over on the Scrum Development group website had some interesting insight into this dilemma. For one team, they stated that they have 5-6 members and 4-5 managers attend their daily meetings, which makes the team uncomfortable and concerned.

Bring on the diplomatic skills of the Scrum Master!

Have you dealt with this situation? How have you handled it and what works best?